Did you ever want to become a millionaire? Then join Guinness Quiz training camp! Your first step to fame and fortune. Okay, our prizes are crap but we have lots of fun. The Quiz takes place every Sunday at 19.30 hrs, new teams are always welcome!

How to Play

  • Quiz teams can consist of up to 6 team members or less
  • There are 8 rounds of 10 questions per round
  • Of the 8 rounds, round number 1 is a picture/visual round
  • Round number 7 is a music / audio round
  • All the other rounds are a mixture of General Knowledge / Trivia / Geography / History & Current Affairs
  • Round number 8 (last round) is a WIPE OUT round which means if you get one answer wrong all answers will be deemed wrong and you will be wiped out for that round (zero points). If you do not know the answer you can leave it blank and you will not be wiped out
  • You may play your Joker BEFORE any round (Except Round 1 & 7) to potentially double your points

Two Very Important Rules

  • NO CHEATING…the use of mobile phones / any electronic device or any outside aid is strictly forbidden.
  • The quizmaster is always right

Quiz Team Rankings 2024 – Due To Holidays The Next Quiz Is On Sunday 4th August @ 19:30.